Frequently Asked Questions

When and how is Fantasia 2020 going to take place?

Given the continuing uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to mount this year’s edition as a cutting-edge virtual festival, taking place August 20 to September 2, 2020. We will be working with Festival Scope and Shift72 via their newly-launched online festival platform, which offers studio-grade DRM and operates according to the Motion Picture Association of America’s security standards.

When and where can I buy this year’s printed program?

Unfortunately, we won’t be producing a printed program guide for the 2020 edition. Film descriptions, schedules, and everything you need to know about the festival is posted on our website.

Will ticket prices and packages be the same as for previous editions of the festival?

Tickets for feature films and shorts programs will be priced at 8$ CAD. Shorts programs presented as part of the Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois and My First Fantasia will be free. Special events, panels and artist talks will be available globally, also for free. More information regarding special events registration will follow shortly!

Will there be an unlimited amount of tickets available for each film?

No; ticket numbers will be limited to capacities comparable to that of physical cinema spaces.

Will I be able to watch from anywhere in the world?

All films will be geo-blocked to Canadian audiences and only accessible from within the country. Unfortunately, we can’t make new films available across the world without potentially hurting their future distribution and exhibition options, which is a key concern to us. The only exception is the film #SHAKESPEARESSHITSTORM, which will be available to audiences in Canada and the United States.

Will I be able to watch the films on my TV screen?

Yes. You can cast the films from your computer, mobile phone or tablet to your TV screen using Apple TV or Chromecast devices. You can also use a simple HDMI cable to plug your TV screen into your computer. You can find more information on compatibility here.

Will press from outside of Canada be granted access to the films?
Absolutely. Press will need to be approved by the filmmakers or associated company, done on a per-film basis, and facilitated by our Press Relations office. To apply for a press accreditation please fill in the form on this page :[]

Will Industry members from outside of Canada be granted access to the films? How about the cast and crew of selected international films?
Filmmakers of selected international films are invited to the Festival and will be given access to the films. Other industry members may be given access to the films on a case-by-case basis. Key cast and crew of selected films could also be given access to the screening of their film, subject to approval by the filmmakers or associated company.

Will the films be available with closed captioning, video description and/or other accessibility options?

The potential availability of these options will vary title-by-title, dependent on what’s been made available to us.

What is the procedure to purchase tickets?

Tickets will go on sale on Monday, August 10 starting at 1PM (EDT). On the Fantasia website (, each film has a dedicated page on which you will find a description of the film, a trailer, and a button labeled “Buy Ticket”, which will redirect you to our streaming platform. Once on the platform, clicking on ‘Buy Ticket’ will open a pop-up prompting you to enter your credit card information. Please note that you must have an account to purchase tickets!

How do I create an account on your new streaming platform?

In order to purchase tickets and watch our films, will need to create an account on the online platform hosted by our video streaming partner, Shift 72. The link to our platform will be posted on our website ( as of August 10, 2020. Once on the platform, simply click on the “Create Account” button at the top right to create your account.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Payments are done through Stripe. If you experience an issue with payment, we encourage you to contact your bank, or Stripe.

How do I watch the films?

Purchasing a film ticket automatically adds it to your Library. When logged into your account on our streaming platform, click on ‘Signed in as (your username)’ at the top right of the screen and select ‘My Library’, where you will find all films for which you’ve purchased tickets.

Note that on-demand titles will be accessible at any time during the festival, from August 20 to September 2nd, 2020. Once you have started watching a film (pressed Play), you will have 30 hours to finish it.

For films that are streaming live, you will have a 5-minute window from the scheduled starting time of the film to start viewing it, after which it will no longer be available to play. In other words, for films with a specific streaming date and time, you must watch the film in real time, as it will not be available to you for 30 hours like the on-demand ones.

When a film has multiple screenings, be careful to choose the right screening date and time you wish to attend. Tickets to a screening cannot be exchanged for a different screening of the same film.

For a full list of which titles are on-demand or streaming live, please view our schedule at

If I miss the live premiere of a film, will I be able to stream it later?

No; once a live screening starts, you will have 5 minutes to press Play, after which the film will no longer be available, so be sure to be on time! In many cases, showing a film in real-time, with a fixed amount of tickets available, is the only way that we were able to have the title in our lineup for this online edition.

How can I watch the short films presented with a feature?

Short films presented with a feature will be available in what we call a ‘Bundle’. When you purchase a bundle, you will find both the feature and the short in your library. Feature films screening live must be watched at a specific date and time, while short films will be available throughout the festival.

Are there apps for smartphones?

Yes! For Android and for iOS